California Association for Family Child Care

Dedicated to ensuring family child care providers have the support and resources needed to be successful.


Membership year begins the month in which you join and is effective for 12 consecutive months.   Membership in CAFCC qualifies you for medical coverage. 

Membership application (mail in) - Click here to download


Membership Benefits

Ongoing educational opportunitiesSupport system for providers
Technical assistance for associations & providersDiscounts for members
Newsletters mailed to each individual memberReduced registration at CAFCC's conferences
Membership packet mailed to each individual memberLegislative representation in Sacramento
Networking opportunity with other providers throughout the stateLicensing regulations and legislative updates - through newsletters and emails
$5 discount off the annual dues for Membership in NAFCC
(National Association for Family Child Care) 
Danforth Professional Development Scholarship fund
Representation on various child care agency boards and local
Child Care Planning Councils throughout the state
GROUP Medical Health coverage
Must be a regular member of CAFCC to qualify


Regular member must be a licensed family child care provider and has all the rights of membership, including voting privileges.  There are 2 levels of Regular Membership: 

Individual Member     A person who is a licensed family child care provider
Individual Member    A person who is a licensed family child care provider AND a member of a local ( in your city or county) family child care association, network, support group, etc. Please  include proof of membership.


100% Association Member

100% Association means that your association sends in dues for all the regular members of your association.  Usually the dues for your association are increased by at least $30 to cover the cost for each member. 

100% Association Membership     An association who sends in the dues for all of their members.  The association usually includes the $12 in their local dues, and sends in the list of members and a check for all their members.
Additional Members                 
$30 each member

Associate Member

Any person who is an advocate for family child care may join as an associate member.  They are subject to annual dues, but do not have voting privileges, may not run for office, and are not eligible for group insurance. 

Associate Member          $100



Any questions please call CAFCC.  We will be happy to assist you with completing a new or renewal membership application. 


Membership Application


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