California Association for Family Child Care

Dedicated to ensuring family child care providers have the support and resources needed to be successful.


Formed in 1976, California Association for Family Child Care (CAFCC) is a professional, nonprofit organization dedicated to ensuring that providers have the support and resources needed to be successful.  We provide members with valuable information, professional growth opportunities and mentoring.


CAFCC understands the critical role of family child care workers in the lives of children and families.  We also understand the hard work and long hours that are required to provide the much needed child care services in California communities. We advocate for family childcare providers in many ways, including provider health and well-being.  Therefore, CAFCC provides opportunities for providers to attend conferences, trainings and events that encourage personal and professional development.

Our vision for family child care is to promote the healthy growth and development of children and provide support for families by providing high quality, developmentally appropriate and flexible care, through a wide range of care options. 

An important part of this vision is for each child care provider to become an advocate for children and family issues that promote and enhance the well-being of the children and families we serve as well as foster the growth and development of the provider community. Firmly believing that “It takes an entire village to raise a child,” the California Association for Family Child Care will achieve this vision in cooperation with the families being served, a broad network of child care providers and child advocacy groups, community organizations, government agencies and other regulatory institutions.


To promote the healthy growth and development of children in family child care and the strengthening of their Families and communities through: 


•Enhancing the quality of family child care


•Communicating a positive image and information about the immense benefits of Family Child Care to the broad community (local, state, federal) through research, advocacy and effective marketing


•Strengthening and expanding the family child care network — associations, individual providers — reflecting the rich diversity of cultures and ethnicities in California


•Securing adequate funds and resources to achieve the goals of the California Association for Family Child Care


•Developing leadership and advocacy skills by providing opportunities for education, training and exposure and identifying ways to be proactive rather than reactive.


•Insuring that providers have adequate support by providing resources for information about regulations and legal support where appropriate


•Incorporating a Family Child Care providers “code of ethics” into every aspect of our work


•Coordinating with a broad range of community and social service agencies at all levels to support children and families



The specific purpose of this corporation is to provide educational opportunities at the local and state level that will address and actively work toward meeting the child care and development needs of children, parents, child care providers, and the community. The association will work toward accomplishing this purpose by:

•Providing child care and development groups and parents with workshops and seminars on child development, early learning, nutrition, business practices, licensing and legislative updates, etc.;


•Providing coordination of educational programs, cultural activities, consumerism, and charitable activities; and providing technical and research assistance to the child care community

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